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Beauty Bridal Services

I believe in the power of makeup as an ally to enhance the natural beauty, shapes and colors of the face.

And I believe in the strength of a beautiful hairstyle that can turn the day, and the mood.

I love preparing brides, making them feel unique and special and create unforgettable memories, for you and your guests!




Making the moment of preparation fabulous.

I will think about how to best organize the times and set up to let you enjoy the special moments of preparation.

Create a flawless make-up and hairstyle.

It will last all day, both when you get emotional  and when you go wild on the dance floor. Perfect live and in photos, for giving a wonderfulmemory every time you want to relive it.

The look will be created with you and for you.

It will be contextualized to the event, studied and cared for in detail, to make you beautiful, perfectly at ease and make you shine with your own light. 


I offer only tailor made high end beauty services on location. 

Me and my team are available for hair, makeup manicure and on demand beauty services to suit all your needs.


My unique goal is to highlight your beauty, letting you feel yourself, flawless and glamorous.

I use the best makeup and hairstyle products to create a look that will last perfectly all day.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy the experience, I'll take care of the rest.






Francesca took care of my face on the day when looking perfect is essential for every woman. A few words were enough for her to understand what I wanted and what I needed. Already after the rehearsal I was excited, but on the wedding day even more. And despite the very long day, the rain, the kisses, the lunch, the unbridled dances, the laughter (here, I never cried so Franci be proud of me), everything remained perfect and beautiful for almost 20 hours.


Thank you very much Francesca!


Fantastic make-up


Congratulations to my make-up artist! Francesca Stefani is an excellent professional and a beautiful person. Thank you so much for making me feel unique and special on my wedding day. His makeup was wonderful! Very elegant, delicate and natural! Thanks to its magical touch, every bride will feel like a real princess!


Perfect on the most important day


I've known Francesca for a lifetime and I had no doubts in choosing her as a make-up artist on the day when everything had to be perfect. Forget the classic "masks" that you see every now and then (where the bride is not even recognized and is completely different from everyday life).


Francesca with a simple but not trivial makeup was able to enhance the characteristics of my face without upsetting them, making me perfect from the morning at 11 until 4 the next day.


What can I say, thank you Francy, you are a guarantee!


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